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Toronto City Hall

Toronto City has two city halls ( that I know of) .. pretty much it has an old and new (version) of it… I’ve taken these pictures when the weather is still bearable at night ( maybe around october 2014) . Both structures have so much character on it that I thought of taking a picture from both. It somewhat depicts the era where the city has gone thru the years. Definitely one of the “must” places to visit if you are visiting the core.


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Fall Colors

Fall… its that time of the year where the colors of nature comes out in full bloom. This is the season where photo hobbyist would love to parks where the maple trees are abundant as they have different leaf colors during this season. Images on this post were taken on Kelso Conservation Park in Milton, Ontario ( ) . Just about 30-45 minutes of drive time from Downtown Toronto. Its a place where bike trails and a vast lake perfect for canoeing is abundant. During summer, this place is packed with picnic goers, hikers and beach “splashers” . During winter, its slopes are converted for bunny hill skiing and skareboarding.


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Toronto Skyline at Night

I would like to start my blog of an image taken on the last days of summer of 2014 in Toronto. The skyline viewed from the Toronto Center Island. It was originally a sunset photowalk but as I stayed longer in the beach facing the city, I can’t help but notice how beautiful Toronto is at night… I shared this moment with another photo hobbyist who is a male flight attendant from Germany who took the time and effort in doing a photowalk instead of taking its rest in the hotel….

We both gazed while we waited for each long exposure shots to be finished, not leaving our spot as we each click the remote shutter of our cameras…. ahhh if only we could have stayed longer and gazed some more… but the last ferry ride is arriving… ๐Ÿ™‚


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Hello World!

It has been 10 years since I arrived into this majestic city and I’m still overwhelmed on its beauty and diversity. I still have that feeling of being new to the place, maybe because there is so much to discover from the city itself alone, and I think I haven’t even scratched what the outskirts has to offer. Everyday as I commute or travel from my home towards work, I always think of my homeland but as I gaze outside my car, I can’t help but also think that on my retirement days (and if fate would allow, I’ll be back on my city of birth) that I would surely miss this place, its people, the community and sites.

So, since I am into this hobby of “freezing unforgettable” moments and events in life ( I also do events and wedding photography on the side – ) , I said to myself, why not capture images of this extension of my homeland while I still can and I’m still here. I could definitely see myself on my rocking chair holding a tablet ( I’m not sure an album would fit that many pictures after years of capturing) while I gaze on the screen swiping endlessly of what could be endless number of images from the times I was able to freeze the sites and scenes of Toronto.

Therefore, sit back.. relax. and hopefully you’ll enjoy…. while I share with you the beautiful sites of this city..ย its places… people… food.. communnity… TORONTO, my second home… ๐Ÿ™‚

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