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Cherry Beach on Winter time

Cherry Beach
Jan.24,2015 – 8:06AM ( -22 Deg. C)
“life of a nature capture enthusiast, there will be days where you won’t get a glimpse of a perfect sunrise (like this one..) but knowing we are just a speck on these beautiful creations makes you appreciate vast phenomena of the physical world.” 
It was a freezing -22 Degrees C outside and yet I still ventured, hoping to get a perfect sunrise in the horizon. Though it was mostly overcast that day in the sky, a glimpse did occur as if the sun is telling me that ” I’m just here, at the back of the clouds” …. waited for about 20-25 minutes after the projected sunrise before I get to capture this seemingly ray of hope that there will come a day I’ll soon capture that elusive perfect sunrise someday… for now, all I can do is try again another day….

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Sunset along Broadview Avenue

Sunset view of Toronto Metropolis

Riverdale Park East (Along Broadview Ave.)
Jan. 23,2015 – 5:16PM

I have been always a sunset / sunrise chaser thats why I always carry my gears in the car because scenes like these doesn’t come by always (much more on a city in winter time where overcast skies is the norm on sub-zero degrees temperature). Snow has just melted in the park but still its vast emptiness seems to beckon me when I passed by. So without thinking twice, I stopped my car, grabbed my camera and tripod (didn’t even bother taking a parking ticket) and took a couple of shots, enough to capture those orange lights in the horizon slowly dimming at the background of the citys skyline…


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Port Union Waterfront

Port Union Waterfront
January 17,2015
7:46 AM

Mid January 2015 and the weather keeps on getting colder. Temperature was forecasted to be -20C deg with windchill. Our group still pressed on with the snow starting to fall from the skies.. with our gears on hand, we walked towards the waterfront hoping for even a squint of color from the sky as it was dark and snowing from the horizon. As we near the waters, an orage color has started to develop in the horizon, soon as the time of sunrise has come, a glow of slowly emerges from afar and slowly… the sun rises….. we immediately captured this beautiful event that slowly unfolds in our eyes….

ahhh… the beauty of nature… one of many reasons why keep on chasing such beauty…



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Humber Bay Park east

Humber Bay Park East is another “sanctuary” where you can spend a “me time” if you want to be alone… beautiful sight of the Toronto skyline during sunrise and its also where Etobicoke Yacht Club’s boats are parked. Conveniently, it also provides critical habitat for a variety of native butterfly species. Located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto’s west end.



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Cold season Officially starts


Since cold season has officially entered the Tdot land, the city transform into a different world of Ice, snow and frozen crystals.

Humber Bay ParK west is a small but narrow park that extends out into the lake. Its kinda like a small world outside of Toronto as the view of the city from this place is like watching it from a huge cinema. One of the places in Toronto where it will get busy when summer comes because its a place where one can relax on a picnic setting or just spend an afternoon walk with a dog or with a friend….


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