Chasing Sunrise at Cherry Beach in Spring!!!

Cherry Beach, Toronto
6:18AM | 5 Deg C

Started chasing sunrise again on this beautiful weather of spring at Cherry beach. Birds are flying, dog owners are walking their pets and even fellow hobbyist are finding their spot on this beautiful sunrise at the beach.



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Chasing Sunset at Polson Pier

Polson Pier, Toronto
7:18PM | -3 Deg C

Chasing sunset with the beautiful Toronto skyline on its front. I am always drawn to the different colors of sunset, it makes you feel as if you are on a different world.

Polson Pier, previously known as The Docks Waterfront Entertainment Complex or The Docks, is a multi-purpose entertainment venue in Toronto, Ontario. It is located in largely industrial Port Lands area of the city along the shore of Toronto Harbour – Wikipedia



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Warm weather is here!!!!

Got the chance to pick up my gears again as I felt the weather outside is just perfect for a walk on a trail or to chase again that elusive sunset light in the horizon. Came upon this park when I passed by from work and seeing that there’s enough time to setup for sunset, I immediately parked on the nearest lot and walked towards G. Ross Lord Park near Dufferin and Finch St.

This extensive parkland, located in the West Don River valley north of Finch Avenue, was created in 1972 primarily for flood control purposes. The 136 hectares of parkland was later made into both passive and active recreational areas. There are three picnic areas located throughout the park, one fire pit and pedestrian/bicycle trails. Special park features include a sports field complex which contains cricket nets, two cricket pitches and three soccer pitches. During the winter season, groomed trails are provided for cross-country skiing.

Park facilities include one winterized fully-accessible washroom, an open sports pavilion with washrooms and changerooms for players, drinking fountains, water taps and public phones. Heavily wooded and wetland areas are ideal habitats for viewing a variety of wildlife.

Information courtesy of The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.



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End of Cold Season in Tdot ( April 2015)

Cherry Beach
April 3,2015 – 7:03PM ( -5 Deg. C)

The waters on the beach is usually on a low tide at this time of hour and I’ve noticed upon my visit that the rocks in the water have different colors on it making it a perfect “texture” for a foreground when compositing an image. I then walked a few steps in the water ( good thing I’ve worn my waterproof boots as the spot I’ve picked is about ankle high) and positioned my tripod and camera to capture the reflection of the sky, the abandoned lighthouse, the colorful rocks that can be seen on the crystal clear waters and the movement of the clouds in the horizon. I stood there for a couple of minutes even though I’ve had my picture already.. still gazing at nature and its beauty….


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Ice crystals and sunset

Cherry Beach
March 20,2015 – 7:38PM ( -8 Deg. C)

The ice has slowly melted in the beaches and its this time of the year where they would crack and separate a bit in the water and create mini-islands that would look amazing when captured during sunset or sunrise. It’s my last sunset chase where there is still ice in the water… glad there is still some to gazed upon….


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Sunset at Ashbridge Bay Park

Ashbridge Bay Park
March 19,2015 – 8:20PM (-14 Deg. C)

I’ve been a constant sunset chaser ever since I’ve continued my photography here in Toronto. Come rain or shine, hot or cold, whenever there is a sun setting, I’ll try to be there (except for extreme cold temperature as my DSLR is not weather sealed).

Ashbridge Bay Park is located in a beautiful area on the waterfront in the east end of Toronto. It was named after Sarah Ashbridge, a widow and British loyalist from Philadelphia who settled here in the 1790’s and obtained a Crown Land Grant to start her own farm. Ashbridges Bay was once part of the large sand dune chain spanning the majority of the Toronto Harbour. These dunes were the result of sediment from the Scarborough Bluffs being deposited by the currents from Lake Ontario. ( source : Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation website )


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Cherry Beach on Winter time

Cherry Beach
Jan.24,2015 – 8:06AM ( -22 Deg. C)
“life of a nature capture enthusiast, there will be days where you won’t get a glimpse of a perfect sunrise (like this one..) but knowing we are just a speck on these beautiful creations makes you appreciate vast phenomena of the physical world.” 
It was a freezing -22 Degrees C outside and yet I still ventured, hoping to get a perfect sunrise in the horizon. Though it was mostly overcast that day in the sky, a glimpse did occur as if the sun is telling me that ” I’m just here, at the back of the clouds” …. waited for about 20-25 minutes after the projected sunrise before I get to capture this seemingly ray of hope that there will come a day I’ll soon capture that elusive perfect sunrise someday… for now, all I can do is try again another day….

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Sunset along Broadview Avenue

Sunset view of Toronto Metropolis

Riverdale Park East (Along Broadview Ave.)
Jan. 23,2015 – 5:16PM

I have been always a sunset / sunrise chaser thats why I always carry my gears in the car because scenes like these doesn’t come by always (much more on a city in winter time where overcast skies is the norm on sub-zero degrees temperature). Snow has just melted in the park but still its vast emptiness seems to beckon me when I passed by. So without thinking twice, I stopped my car, grabbed my camera and tripod (didn’t even bother taking a parking ticket) and took a couple of shots, enough to capture those orange lights in the horizon slowly dimming at the background of the citys skyline…


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Port Union Waterfront

Port Union Waterfront
January 17,2015
7:46 AM

Mid January 2015 and the weather keeps on getting colder. Temperature was forecasted to be -20C deg with windchill. Our group still pressed on with the snow starting to fall from the skies.. with our gears on hand, we walked towards the waterfront hoping for even a squint of color from the sky as it was dark and snowing from the horizon. As we near the waters, an orage color has started to develop in the horizon, soon as the time of sunrise has come, a glow of slowly emerges from afar and slowly… the sun rises….. we immediately captured this beautiful event that slowly unfolds in our eyes….

ahhh… the beauty of nature… one of many reasons why keep on chasing such beauty…



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Humber Bay Park east

Humber Bay Park East is another “sanctuary” where you can spend a “me time” if you want to be alone… beautiful sight of the Toronto skyline during sunrise and its also where Etobicoke Yacht Club’s boats are parked. Conveniently, it also provides critical habitat for a variety of native butterfly species. Located along the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto’s west end.



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